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Do you ever sense that there’s more OF you?  A wildness that’s been tamed by a lifetime of expectation and suppression?  

A knowing around your innate wisdom, intuitive power, and feminine magic, that’s been mocked and violated by the systems around you?

Let me introduce you to your Wild Woman.  A universal archetype who exists in us all, and can be embodied and expressed to help you come back to your true nature.

As I introduce you to this archetype, I invite you to embody her qualities.Try them on for size and see how they fit.  How would these qualities have you move?  Would they change your posture?  Do you sense her qualities within you or do they seem out of reach?  What feelings, emotions or images does she invoke?

Stay curious whilst you read, and see if you feel inspired to take some of her qualities into the way you move through the world.  

The Wild Woman isn’t a template that you have to fit yourself into, rather an entry point to help you discover your own vast, rich, inner landscape.

🌾The Wild Woman is the ancient part in all of us.  The part that’s akin to the earth, the moon, the tides and the seasons.  She’s our connection to nature, wilderness, and the most authentic elements of who we are – when all of our culture and conditioning are stripped away.  

🌾The Wild Woman is united in her body and uses it as an instrument of perception.  She trusts her intuition and is able to follow it with clarity and confidence.  Her years of tracking, hunting and gathering ensure these skills are honed and precise.  

🌾The Wild Woman knows that she doesn’t have to be someone else in order to be loved.  She’s perfect the way she is, with her own unique genius and gifts that unfold as she leans into her own true nature.

🌾The Wild Woman has lived, experienced, made mistakes and is flawed.  She knows what she wants but does not pursue it ruthlessly, she isn’t interested in being the ‘good girl’ but neither is she interested in being bad or destructive.

🌾The Wild Woman knows when to stay silent and when to speak up, she is youthful energy, nurturing mother and wise crone.

Just like the wilderness she’s intrinsically part of, the Wild Woman is an endangered species.  Her instinctual knowing, wisdom, and respect for the earth, scorned in favour of activity, production, consumption and capital.  

She’s been imprisoned by the patriarchy and its quest for eternal expansion, but from her prison she calls to you and asks you to return and set her free.

Midlife is a time when the Wild Woman shouts louder.  A time that invites you to evaluate your life and come home to your self.  

Perhaps you feel your wildness refusing to be tamed for a moment longer?  If this is the case, I invite you to heed that calling and express it as a force of good for your own heart, and the heart of the world we live in.  

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