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What Does Being A Strong Woman Mean?

Today I’m in post International Women’s Day reflection mode.  Which means, after scrolling through a wealth of ‘being a strong woman’ posts I felt called to share some thoughts.

Strong literally means, ‘being able to withstand force, pressure, or wear. Moreover, the ability to carry heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks’.

These are realities that women face every single day of their lives, as we…

💥 Carry the weight and magnitude of unpaid labour.
💥 Withstand the force of criticism and judgement in a world that’s constantly telling us we’re not enough.
💥 Perform the role of emotional care taker for our family and friends.
💥 Carry the burdens of our own hearts because we don’t feel worthy enough to express them.
💥 Fight the wear of work, birth, motherhood, ageing, harassment, fear, betrayal, and inequality in our bodies.
We do not need to prove how strong we are, we are strong every frigging day!
I’m guessing, if we’re radically honest with ourselves, that most of us have probably had enough of being strong!

Evolving From Strong To Softening

I believe that midlife orientates us towards a radically different way of being. An invitation to move through this world more intentionally and lean back into our softness. 

To begin with, this can feel exposing and unsafe. After all, patriarchal culture interprets softness as weakness, an inability to stand up for yourself, or a tendency to be ‘too sensitive’.

In truth, our power comes from being able to soften our hard edges, melt our barriers, and step into vulnerability. The more we engage in this softening the greater understanding, connection, and opportunities to evolve we receive.

Softness is also the gateway to experiencing more pleasure! It opens us to ease, slowness and opportunities to just BE.  

It’s radical revolution in a world where we’re taught to strive, prove ourselves, fight, and be an all-round super-human bad-ass. 

As a Feminine Embodiment Coach I’m all for creating healthy boundaries, self respect, and authentic self-belief. However, I believe there’s an alternative way of creating these that doesn’t require us to armour up and prove how strong we are.

So, today I leave you with a thought,

“Here’s to all the soft women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

Ready To Embark On A Journey of Midlife Discovery?

Feminine Embodiment Coaching works at the level of the nervous system, offering you space, safety, and slowness to unravel social conditioning, shame, numbness, anxiety and overwhelm. Before supporting you to claim what’s possible when you’re fully connected to your potency, power and pleasure. 

If you’re curious about what’s possible for you moving forward, drop me an email or book a free 45-minute clarity session. It would be a pleasure to connect with you💞

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