Binging Bridgerton and the Rally Cry of Lady Danbury!

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Who else has binged Bridgerton over the past 6 days?!  I watched the final episode last night, and whilst the ‘true love’ element of the series has its appeal, the biggest draw for me is the female characters in search of a life that’s more than titles, reproduction, and maintaining the patriarchy.
These characters fight for freedom, expression, wider experiences, and a desire to truly get to know who they are outside of their duties.  
Some are archetypal maidens battling with expectations and tradition.  Some are archetypal crones who’ve navigated their way through life to gain the right to do what they want when they want.
Whilst we live in a society that remains oppressive on many fronts, we find ourselves at a place where we have more freedom to make decisions than any of our female ancestors; and yet so many of us remain stuck.  
Whether we’re struggling to leave a relationship,
Or saying goodbye to friendships that drain your energy
Or having conversations around intimacy and desire in your marriage  
Or taking control of your finances
Or claiming your own purpose and destination in life
Many of us are unable to make decisions, perhaps because we fear the repercussions, or being seen as a failure, or being judged by others, or simply convincing ourselves that our comfort zone isn’t really that bad.
Here rally cry of Lady Danbury rings in my ears, when she tells Miss Sharma,
“I have lived a life…I have loved, I have lost, I have earned the right to do whatever I please, whenever I please, and however I please to do it.”
And this is it!  We can either decide to live our lives stuck in Maiden, hell bent on doing the ‘right thing’ by everyone else.  Manically determined to prove ourselves to be better than others, and shrinking and distorting everything we truly are to seek approval, 
🔥We gather our feminine powers and begin to mature through living life and experiencing it in all its complexity and chaos.  
🔥We own our desires and take responsibility for the freedom we have to express and actualise them.  
🔥We listen to the intuition in our body that relays how we feel, sense, and respond to every opportunity and decision we make in life.
🔥We create our own definition of success, extrapolated from the suffocating demands of patriarchy and capitalism.
This is how we gain our freedom.  Not by pushing and striving for everything we are told we ‘need’, but by listening to the deepest calling within us that demands we pay heed to our hearts.  
I understand if this feels selfish.  We’re conditioned to feel this way about putting ourselves first.  
If this is the case for you, I invite you to pause and really feel into the power and potential of being totally free. How would you use it for greater good?
Just as Lady Danbury choses to use her power to ‘sponsor’ and support other women, so the power you cultivate can be used to inspire, support and make a difference in this world.
Just imagine what we could create if we all had the courage to move forward in this way?

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