Cyclical Living and the Gifts of Autumn

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Cyclical living and the gifts of Autumn

As you leave the expansive energy of summer and enter the transformation and release of autumn, you may feel similar cyclical living shifts in your body.
Summer is productive, energetic, and pulsating.  A woman in her summer is ready to adventure, move onwards, and grow!
This kind of energy is highly prized in our productivity-obsessed culture.  Indeed, it’s seen as positive. Something to aspire to, and something that you should be able to maintain at all times. 
However – just like Mother Nature – you too fluctuate, change, and need different things as you move through life.  

Just as you move through seasons of aliveness and productivity, comparatively you move through seasons of feeling flat and heavy.  Seasons where you need more rest and reflection and to turn inwards and hibernate.

How to honour the needs of your body

If you don’t have the understanding of these shifts in cyclical living you automatically think there’s something wrong with you. 

Consequently you may think…
How can I get over this? Fix it? Push through, motivate myself, and crack on?

I desire to help you understand the language of your body as it shifts though the ‘darker’ seasons.  To help you connect to the gifts within them.

I invite you to honour whatever you need to feel, express, and orientate towards right now.  To stop adjusting, contorting and breaking yourself to fit into expectations and conventions.

Instead of thinking ‘I should be doing better’, I desire you to change the story and ask ‘what are the gifts of being in this season?

Flavours that autumn can offer

Autumn is an opportunity to go underground and deepen your roots.  Strong roots are crucial to providing the anchor and strength for everything that is above ground.  Often your roots are forgotten or neglected.  Ask yourself…

🍁 What do I need right now to feel more supported?

This time of year is saturated in the energy of letting go. Just like the trees around you, you’re invited to shed what you no longer need or what no longer serves you.  Ask yourself…

🍁 What am I ready to let go of?

As you enter this ‘in-between’ season you’re invited to make peace with the unknown and the fact that you can’t control everything.  Ask yourself…

🍁 Where am I giving away my energy trying to control or manage something or someone?

Autumn is balance – the days and nights are roughly equal in measure.  This brings an opportunity to create equilibrium between activity and rest, tuning into what your body needs and honouring ways to support this balance more fully. Ask yourself…

🍁 Where can I slow down and nourish myself more?

When you’re able embrace the season you’re in, and welcome the medicine it brings, you get to move through that season with more ease and grace, welcoming a different pace and perspective on life.

In summary, Mother Nature embraces her darker seasons, and I warmly invite you to do so too. 

Finally, if you’re interested in discovering more about cyclical living, I highly recommend embracing the season you’re in, a podcast from my mentor Jenna Ward at the School of Embodied Arts

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