Your Midlife Awakening

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Hearing the call of your midlife awakening

For the past two weeks I’ve been deep in peri-menopause, navigating external sources of information and the wealth of data in my own body.

I’ve been impressed with how much information there is around peri-menopause.

YET I’m simultaneously aware of how quickly it’s becoming medicalised and monetised.  A list of symptoms that need to be conquered so that we can crack on and emerge with endless energy and a six pack.

Okay, so tongue in cheek aside!

I believe there’s a greater calling wrapped up in this particular rite of passage.  A calling to ask important questions at a time when it’s increasingly difficult to deny our immortality and vulnerability.

Midlife's a time when everything we haven't dealt with so far asks us to stop and look.   

You start to ‘lose your mind’ and come to your senses around your true purpose and place on this planet.

Your body demands you stop abandoning yourself and become faithful to what nourishes you and what you have capacity for.  

Life hands you a sceptre and asks you to claim what you stand for taking you into a new form of leadership that frees you from constraints, conventions and social niceties.

We can explore these things together.

As I explore these realms more deeply it enhances the way that I can support other women to do the same.  The above invitations sound appealing but can be terrifying because they involve big decisions, shifts in default behaviour patterns, and resilience for sitting in the chaos of the unknown for.  These initiations are often better navigated with support.  

However, I know the unique gifts and shifts from embarking on this journey are revolutionary and revolutionary.  That they impact our lives on a personal level whilst contributing to the greater shifts the world needs right now..  

The awakening of the mature feminine who offers new paradigms and possibilities. 

My question is…are you ready?

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