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I won an award for my Feminine Embodiment Coaching

At a recent ceremony for Excellence in Feminine Embodiment Coaching I won an award for my coaching with midlife women. It feels incredible for my work to be recognised by my mentor Jenna Ward who I greatly admire. 

During the ceremony I shared my philosophy and vision behind my work.  Subsequently, I wanted to share this philosophy with you, because it‘s time for the mature feminine to rise.  To rise, and be the change that is so needed in the world today.

My Philosophy

I am committed to re-humanising the feminine body.  To help women find their voice, reclaim their desires, make bold decisions and emphatically inhabit the fullness of themselves.  

I desire to free the balancing energy of the mature feminine for healing and wholeness.  The world is crying out for courageous women to stand in their Queen energy.   To govern from the heart with equal measures of graciousness, love, ferocity, fairness, communality, and wisdom.  

I celebrate the full spectrum of women as they transition into the second stage of their lives.  A transition that invites them to root into their wild and essential power and free themselves from patriarchal rules.  

I support women to continually return to the deep wisdom of their bodies.  Particularly to supercharge their hearts, and start honouring themselves without guilt or shame.

Finally, I’m devoted to re-lensing Patriarchal views around ageing and the evolution of women’s bodies.  Particularly so they can reclaim their deep intuition and potential for potent pleasure and erotic power.



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