How Feminine Embodiment Can Support Your Midlife Journey

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Feminine Embodiment and your Inner Landscape

As spring gently unfolds, I’m embracing the longer days and opening blooms. However, I’m not yet feeling it in my body. Instead, my inner landscape is preferring to hang on to the slow hibernation vibes of winter. Expressed via a 3 hour nap this morning!

There was a time when I would never have let that happen. A time when I judged rest as lazy or wasteful, unproductive and weak. When I would push through to utter exhaustion, over riding my capacity and ignoring my needs.  

This is one of the reasons why I’m continually amazed by the grace of living a more embodied life. Why I’m so grateful that I found embodiment at the age I did.

Felt Benefits of Feminine Embodiment in Midlife

Feminine embodiment allows you to live in deep connection with your needs. Which at this time in your life can change from day-to-day, hour-to-hour, moment to moment!

It enables you to question the conditioned narrative in your head, and drop into the sensations, emotions, and knowings of your body. Which are ready to tell you a radically different story. A story that is more aligned with your heart and your divine reason for being on this planet.

Embodiment invites you to slow down, slow down, and slow down again. To be sure that you’re hearing, tending to, and loving yourself as much as you sincerely deserve.

You see, no matter how you feel about your changing body, it will never abandon or betray you. Instead, it desires for you to be moving towards the fullest expression of you. In all of your vibrancy, honesty and realness. This is a much needed navigation system when you’re being asked to get radically honest about what you need as you transition into the next phase of your life. 

The tools of Feminine Embodiment open the door to more pleasure, ease and flow. A playful quality that gets left behind in the dry routine of adulting and parenting. Midlife play and pleasure, might look like taking on a new hobby, opening to creative urges, escaping into nature, starting a soul aligned business, or re-connecting to your sensuality and sexual expression. It might look like kart wheels in the back garden – just watch out for your groin!

Stepping Into Your Soul

In short, embodiment is a revelation, and more importantly accessible to anyone who is living inside a body!

I can’t promise you a life time of eternal happiness. Or protect you from experiencing loss, pain and trauma. Absolutely nothing can protect you from this, because this is life.

However, what embodiment can do, is support you to move through these experiences with more resources, connection and appreciation for who you are. It can help you live with more grace and love for your humanity. It can hold you as you make tough decisions that your soul is calling out for. It can help you soften with strength, open with vulnerability and take back the power that’s been yours all along.

I currently have space for one midlife woman who’s ready to embark on a midlife journey of exploration and discovery through Feminine Embodiment Coaching.

Feminine Embodiment Coaching works at the level of the nervous system, offering you space, safety, and slowness to unravel social conditioning, shame, numbness, anxiety and overwhelm. Before supporting you to claim what’s possible when you’re fully connected to your potency, power and pleasure. 

If you’re curious about what’s possible for you moving forward, drop me an email or book a free 45-minute clarity session via the button below. It would be a pleasure to connect with you💞

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