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Welcome to my very first episode of Queen Be Buzzcast, thank you for joining and I’m so happy that you’re here. 

In this first episode I start at the beginning by  introducing myself and explaining my journey from disembodiment and numbness to landing here offering personal and professional musings for midlife women, all through the lens of Feminine Embodiment.


My name is Sarah and I’m a Feminine Embodiment Coach.  My mission is to help midlife women reign in life and love, so they can thrive, feel alive and be their most adventurous selves.

Midlife is a time when many women are confronted by where, and who they are.  You’ve spent decades focussed on your career, family and home, striving, building, sacrificing, planning, doing, fixing, counselling and the other non-stop stream of tasks that you juggle.

Head down, ploughing through all this noise and distraction you reach midlife feeling tired, stressed, bitter, numb, and stuck.  You finally get a chance to pause and catch your breath but realise that the dreams of your 20 year- old self haven’t quite gone to plan.  Or they absolutely have, but at the expense of the most important thing of all – yourself.

All of a sudden you stop and realise that there’s more to you, to life, to love, but that you just can’t find a way to express it within the life you’re currently living.  You have an intuitive feeling that there’s something more for out there for you but can’t access the fullness of that wisdom and have no idea what to do with it if you could.

This where we meet!  At a point where your disembodied, disconnected existence is demanding something different.  We meet at a place where past experiences around relationships, broken hearts, finances, careers, shame, grief, loss and past decisions need to be met with compassion and understanding. 

All of that, and all of you is welcome here.

I understand that you may feel scared, unsupported, paralysed, unworthy and stuck in a loop of thinking and analysis. I’ve been there myself.

In 2016 I was stuck in my head, low on energy, numbing my emotions with sugar, talking to myself like sh*t, frustrated in my career, overwhelmed with motherhood, and unfulfilled as a wife. 

I equated my self-worth with how I looked and how hard I could push myself.  I felt jealous of other’s success and lost my sense of self by chasing goals that weren’t mine.  This was encapsulated by unacknowledged trauma from a sub-total hysterectomy, which left me engulfed by grief and loss.

My body was crying out for attention, compassion and acceptance.  She was crying out for a different way of operating and being. 

It was at this point that I discovered Feminine Embodiment through my mentor and teacher Jenna Ward, and so began my journey of personal exploration.  A messy journey through tension, shame, guilt and self-doubt to ease, fun, acceptance, love, sensuality and pleasure. 

  • I reconnected to my body
  • Fired up soul-aligned decision-making capabilities
  • Processed the realisation that my decision to have a hysterectomy was the wrong decision for me, and forgave myself
  • Learnt to put myself first
  • Changed my career
  • Plugged in to my feminine sensuality and power
  • Spiced up my marriage and love life
  • Created a life truly aligned with my values as a woman, wife, mother, lover, friend, and coach.

My own journey of embodiment inspired me to build my coaching business and create my coaching pathway, which has been lovingly to crafted to help you live an adventurous life for decades to come.  To feel into what’s most important to you, the life you want to embrace, the woman you want to be, and what you’re ready to walk away from in order to make space for the new.

One of the most beautiful and unique benefits of my coaching, is that you get to make these decisions whilst releasing the tension, stress and desperation of head-based thinking.  You get to drop into the infinite galaxy of wisdom and intuition that exists within your body.  To release the blocks of tension and stress that are bound up in your body, restricting your life force energy and flow. 

I invite you into the beautiful world of feminine embodiment where all of you is welcome.  Where every experience, feeling, emotion, thought and sensation is loved and accepted as leading you into a deeper understanding of you.

I am not here to fix you, because you are not broken. Instead I’m here to invite you to look at the uncomfortable parts of you that have been supressed for so long, so that you can create a life that is beautiful, fulfilling, nourishing and an incredible adventure.

If you’re ready to begin a coaching pathway that will support you to reign in life and love, I invite you to book a free discovery session with me to start your adventure.

I look forward to meeting you.  

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I help midlife women make bold, body based decisions so they can move forward with confidence, clarity and ease.

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