How To Bring Intimacy Back Into A Relationship

Bringing Intimacy Back Online

How to bring intimacy back into a relationship is something I am frequently asked.

I want to therefore share a juicy theme that’s been emerging amongst the women who move through my Sacred Rage programme.

And that is…an increased capacity to open to intimate connections and receive more love.¬†

This is because, when you work with rage it requires a level of vulnerability. Which just so happens to be the same level of vulnerability required to open to more intimacy and love.

Bringing intimacy back into your relationship

So, bringing intimacy back into a relationship is directly linked to your ability to engage with rage in your body. 

Who would have thought?!

Our problem with vulnerability.

However, being vulnerable is not something we generally feel comfortable doing.

In fact, it’s a state that’s socialised out of us from a very early age. Just like rage!

Remember those moments when you were shamed for expressing anger or sadness.

The times you expressed love, only to be rejected.

Memories of being ridiculed for sharing your true thoughts or feelings.

So, instead of sharing these tender parts of ourselves we wrap them in protective armour.  Stuffing all the pain and hurt under a hard shell that no one gets to crack.

The thing is. When you suppress sensitivity to your more tender emotions, you suppress sensitivity to ALL emotions and end up existing on a narrow, bland, emotional bandwidth.

You don’t feel pain. But you don’t feel much joy, aliveness, pleasure or connection either.

The power of vulnerability.

There’s a brave alternative to living in this blandness and this is what we explore in Sacred Rage.

Sacred Rage is a potent coaching journey that supports you to crack through the armour of your numbness and meet the heat of your rejection and rage.

Once these emotions have been welcomed and understood, we journey into your tenderness. Revealing unmet needs and tending to them with love and compassion, which in turn helps you to soften and open to vulnerability. 

From here you learn how to embody and be with your vulnerability. Safely enabling you to open and receive more connection and love.

That my love, is how to bring intimacy back into a relationship.  


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