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I listened to a beautiful podcast last week by the founder of The School of Sacred Embodiment @Elizabeth Di Alto where she shared a powerful mantra around leaning into trust and faith:
“If this is what’s happening, I trust it to take me where I need to go”.
It got me thinking about how often we make decisions in complete faith, and how often we make decisions in fear?  
This topic was continued in a recent Clarity Session, where a potential client was finding it difficult to make important decisions because she’s scared what other people think of her.  
I’m sure we can all relate with that, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts around this in tonight’s newsletter.
Making decisions in fear
Fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing!  It’s the primal survival instinct of your body, enabling you to make decisions around safety and what instinctively feels right or wrong.
However, fear is also something that holds a lot of conditioning.  
When you make a decision in fear, it’s rooted in your wounding.  In what’s gone wrong before, desiring to protect yourself from pain or shame, or being conditioned to think about other people’s needs over your own.
This conditioned fear over rides your deeper intuition, which leaves you split and existing on two parallel, but contrasting tracks.  Your surface track is controlled by fear, conditioning, not wanting to rock the boat.  Your track below is governed by your deeper truths that rumble along, making increasingly loud noises or jolts, determined to be acknowledged.  
You expend a lot of energy trying to ignore, suppress or brush over the deeper track.  It exhausts and depletes you, making you shrink and feel sick.
So what might it feel like to lean into faith instead?
Leaning to into faith can be hard when we’re used to controlling and manoeuvring out of fear.  It requires trust, which begins with being able to trust yourself first. 
Here’s a little trust exercise for you.  
I invite you to reflect on a time where you trusted your intuition and everything worked out for you.  Perhaps not necessarily how you thought, or even hoped it would work out, but nonetheless it worked out in your best interest.
I now invite you to think about a time where you ignored or over rode your intuition and how this worked out for you?
It may take some time to do this exercise, particularly the first part, but my guess is that once you find an example of following your intuition, the outcome was one that served you well.   
When you think of ignoring your intuition, my guess is that you likely learnt a lesson, but probably learnt it the hard way.
You can start to trust yourself more by leaning into this intuition and inner knowing more deeply.  
Begin tuning in for less significant decisions like ‘what do I really want for dinner tonight?’ or ‘do I honestly have the energy to stay an extra hour at work’?  
Every time you check in with yourself and make decisions that honour this place, you deposit a coin in the bank of trust, which means your TRUST statement will be much more stable and sound when you’re required to make bigger life decisions and transitions.
Making decisions based on faith, involves surrendering to riding the buried track for a while.  To let the rumbles and jolts carry you to where you need to be.
It might not always be the safest or easiest ride.  In fact there’s a high chance it could be hellishly uncomfortable – but it’s always, without doubt, the truest track, and it will never let you abandon yourself.

Perhaps that in itself, is worth putting your faith in.

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