The Revolution Against Toxic Productivity

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Whilst recovering from a recent virus that knocked me for six, I fell into deep contemplation around toxic productivity, and how much it permeates our thinking and ways of operating.

How capitalism has successfully coupled beliefs around personal value and worthiness, with how much we produce, labour, and amass material gains.

In turn this internalises individualism and the belief that everything is down to us.  If we succeed, it’s because of what we did, if we fail it’s because of what we didn’t do (which conveniently gets society and those in power ‘off the hook’). 

We’re programmed to believe in never-ending expansion and consumption, that resources are scarce and should be hoarded at all costs, and that if we economically contract, then it’s our fault, and the associated shame and social isolation is our punishment.

⛔️No wonder we are sleep walking into a dystopian nightmare!⛔️

✨My body of work supports midlife women, who are scaffolded by this way of thinking yet have an intuitive knowing that a different way exists.✨  

A deeply rooted sense that capitalism and the patriarchy is making them sick and robbing them of their natural way of being – one that’s intrinsically linked to the earth, her cycles, and her collaborative network of systems where everything depends on everything being in balance. 

The more I work both within my own body and with the courageous women I partner with, the more I witness the beautiful potential of extracting ourselves from the robotics of the ‘system’ and returning ourselves to human design. 

I see human design as being and living in and from our bodies.  The ability to listen to what our internal felt senses know we need, rather than outside influences feeding us lies and poison.

When we re-connect with the ability to listen to our bodies, we seldom hear desires for more material objects!  Instead, our bodies cry out for more…


✨Human connection



✨Collaboration and understanding

✨Collective resources to support childcare, parent-care, self-care.

✨Trust in ourselves and other people



And so this is  where I invite you to start your own revolution against toxic productivity.  To start in your body. 

Firstly, with the courageous act of acknowledging your feelings of loneliness, depression, shame, burn-out, trauma, broken family dynamics, grief, rage, numbness and disconnect.

Secondly by understanding the internal and external influences that created these dynamics and knowing they are not your fault.  That your system is, and never was, designed to deal with everything society has thrown/is throwing at you right now.  That your coping mechanisms are your nervous system trying to keep you safe, and that these coping mechanisms, and your orientation to safety can change with the right tools and skills.

Thirdly, by asking people for help and support.  Finding the right person (whether that’s family, friends, therapist or coach) to help you explore and liberate your feelings, emotions, sensations, beliefs, and images.  Your inner felt senses aren’t wrong.  They simply desire to be acknowledged, welcomed, and liberated in order to create more space for your life force energy to flow and be felt.

Fourthly, by starting to transform your pain and rage into meaningful actions of change and then supporting others to do the same.

As you embark on your journey, I invite you to remember, you are a human BEING not a human DOING.

You are worthy because you exist.  You are loved because you exist.  You are deserving of your hearts desires because you exist🌹

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