What is Feminine Embodiment Coaching?

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I get asked this question a lot, and I love it because it gives me the opportunity to talk about diving into the intuitive realm of the body and meeting what’s there to explore and unravel.

In this episode I talk around feminine energy, the modality of embodiment and what it means to partner with me in coaching.


Feminine Embodiment Coaching is a beautiful invitation to slow down and take an internal dive into the intuitive realms of your body.

This may sound counter intuitive given that so many of us are conditioned to live from the neck upwards, focused on logic, analysis, strategies and mental processes.  

However, your body is a vast warehouse of memories, experiences, events, emotions, feelings and sensations. 

Some of these emotions, memories and sensations are free to flow and be felt, others are packed away in parcels of tightly wound tension that you ignore because they’re often created by experiences that are wrapped with guilt, shame and trauma – emotions, events and sensations that we prefer not to explore or feel.   

However, your body is intelligent, intuitive and infinitely wise.  It desires that you constantly be moving towards a life of ease and fulfillment.  It doesn’t want you to ignore those packets of tightly wound tension because it knows that they contain the knowledge and life force energy required to liberate your body and create deeper understanding. 

So, your body keeps sending you signals and invitations to unwrap those parcels.  Signals that might look like anxiety, numbness, confusion, indecision, frustration, resentment, pain, tension and physical illness.  The more you ignore these signals, the louder your body will shout, and the sicker you will get.

This is the point where I meet a lot of my clients and invite them to stop, breath, turn inwards and perhaps for the first time ever go into their bodies. 

Feminine Embodiment Coaching supports you to pay attention to the shouts of your body and explore the knowledge and life force energy underneath the unease or disease.

It’s helpful at this point to look at each component of Feminine Embodiment Coaching separately.

The Feminine is concerned with the softer, feeling, flowing, creative qualities that exist inside us all, the emotional, instinctual, wilder, intangible sensations that we experience in our internal world. 

The feminine has nothing to do with gender or sexuality, rather it’s a type of energy, or way of being, that is available to anyone and everyone.  However, the feminine energy is not necessarily a prized or celebrated way of operating in modern day society.  The society we live in covets masculine energy such as productivity, action, striving, individuality, logic, strategy and material reward.  As a result, the powerful realm of the feminine is under utitlised, undervalued and neglected. 

My coaching helps you rediscover and nurture your feminine energy back into a loving dance with your masculine energy, so that you can flow between the two.  This looks like taking decisions and actions from a place of truth, self-worth, pleasure and power.

Embodiment is about turning your awareness inwards, inhabiting your body, and coming into contact with the emotions, sensations, knowing, intuition and data that exist inside you.  It’s about turning your awareness in and meeting whatever is there for you to understand, unraveling those tightly wound packets of tension in your body, without a need to fix them or judge yourself over what’s there.  

My embodiment coaching is an invitation to meet what’s inside you with curiosity.  To welcome and love the pain and shame as much as you love the happiness and joy, so that you can consequently love the entire imperfect version of you.  I often use the phrase, ‘all of you is welcome here’ because embracing your full spectrum of human emotions opens up your truth and power to make heart-based decisions that are right for you.

I believe that your body knows best what decision to make, that deep down you know the full truth of the matter and what steps you have to take to live life on your terms.  Of course, logic and strategy has its place and is an important part in making decision, but instead of needing to force the issue and  getting stuck in your head, my coaching supports you to drop into your body and let your body reveal the why, the understanding, and the pathway you must take to find your inner Queen. 

If you’re ready to begin a coaching pathway to help you reign in life and love, so that you can thrive as your most adventurous self, head to my calendar to book a free clarity session.

I look forward to meeting you.  

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