Woman’s Pleasure – A Sensual Journey

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Woman's pleasure. What's your take?

If I was to ask you for your definition of woman’s pleasure, what would you say? 

Perhaps you think of it solely in relation to your sexuality or sex life? Perhaps it’s something that you’ve been raised to believe as being a waste of time, frivolous, or even dangerous and destructive?
Neither is necessarily wrong. Unfortunately, our understanding of a woman’s pleasure has been hijacked by a myriad of things. For example fundamental religious beliefs that see view the body as sinful. Advertising that compartmentalises and fetishes pleasure in order to make profit. Porn videos that turn a woman’s pleasure into something that only serves to satisfy the male gaze.

It’s no wonder we feel so disconnected from pleasure when we are cultured to believe that it’s wrong, sinful, shameful or something that can only be decided by others.

Woman's pleasure redefined.

What if you could start experiencing pleasure as not so much something you DO, but a way of BEING.

An energy in your body, a flow of aliveness and connection between your internal and external worlds. A devotion to expanding this flow and connection as a daily ritual.

You see, I believe that your please is right, needed and absolutely necessary because a woman’s life lived without pleasure, is a life that is devoid of joy.

I’m here to stake a claim for the alive, playful joy in your body that has been suppressed for too long. To support in setting this free.

I’m here to help you create your own definition of pleasure away from patriarchy and capitalism and help you feel it, experience it and build stamina for it on your terms.

Pleasure through the senses

Everyone will have different starting points to experiencing pleasure based on previous experiences, labels and beliefs.  However, we all have the ability to connect with our own version of pleasure, that nourishes our souls, fills our hearts and allows us to move through life in a more powerful way.

So where do you start?

As a Feminine Embodiment Coach, I believe that pleasure is rooted in your body, and that it can be accessed via your 5 external senses.  Senses that act as a bridge between your body and the outside world. 


Consider the things you look at on a daily basis. Are they pleasing and relaxing, or do they agitate you? How can you make your surroundings more visually pleasurable? What do you need to change? Where do you need to go?


Can you surround yourself with beautiful, soft, silky textures to touch and feel against your skin?


We’re all so busy, we tend to gulp down food in front of our screens or on the go. Can you make time to turn food into a sensual experience? To savour the taste and textures instead of mindlessly eating.


Paying attention to, or seeking out certain sounds around you can be a true gateway to pleasure. Bird song, laughter, flowing water or listening to music that expands pleasure in your body and invites you to dance. 


Lighting your favourite candle or using essential oils to enjoy your favourite smells can be hugely pleasurable. Buying yourself flowers is also a sensual experience that can really turn on your sense of smell! 

These are all simple things that you can intentionally place in your daily life so that you’re surrounded by more beauty, textures and sensations that open the gateway to experiencing pleasure.

Your pleasure homework

I invite you to take some time to create your own pleasure list under the heading of your 5 senses. 

Perhaps you can begin by asking “what would give me pleasure?”

Be bold and commit to creating layers of pleasure through all 5 senses so that you are completely intentional in your environment and devoted to making pleasure your priority.

A woman’s pleasure can be something you absolutely can be and experience every single day.

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