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About Me

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I am a woman, lover, mother, creator and certified Feminine Embodiment Coach who supports women to reclaim midlife as a portal of power, potency and revolutionary change.

I come to this place through lived experience of this journey.  In 2016 I was stuck in my head, low on energy, numbing my emotions with sugar, talking to myself like sh*t, frustrated in my career, overwhelmed with motherhood, and unfulfilled as a woman.

I equated my self-worth with how I looked and how hard I could push myself.  I felt jealous of other’s success and lost my sense of self by chasing goals that weren’t mine.  This was encapsulated by unacknowledged trauma from a sub-total hysterectomy, which left me engulfed by grief and loss.

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“I stand for truth, vulnerability and imperfection. The courage to let go of the old, and embrace the new, using body-based decisions that support you to thrive and feel truly alive .”

My body was crying out for attention, compassion and acceptance.  She was crying out for a different way of operating and being. 

It was at this point that I discovered Feminine Embodiment through my mentor and teacher Jenna Ward, and so began my journey of personal exploration.  A revealing journey through tension, shame, guilt and self-doubt to acceptance, love, confidence, peace and pleasure. 

My qualifications include an Internationally Accredited Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification, but my wisdom and experience come from working with women who are ready to face tough decisions with courage, curiosity and a desire for a life that is expansive, alive, courageous and saturated with their truth.

I live in the UK with my husband and two boys
I am happiest in the mountains
I am a feminist who is constantly listening and learning from the world
I thrive on human connection, the natural world, belly aching humour and homemade cake!
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"Say the thing you must say. Go where you must go. Leave what you must leave. Do what you must do. Trust yourself. When they say, ‘you seem out of control…’ You say, ‘Thank you. That’s the plan for the rest of my life."

Glennon Doyle, Untamed

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Championing midlife as a portal of power, potency and revolutionary change.

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