What you can expect from my coaching.

My coaching weaves Feminine Embodiment and Nervous System coaching with Somatic Parts Work, to help you find space, safety, courage and clarity around what you desire to change. 

These modalities invite you to slow down and bring awareness inside your body so that you can become attuned to what your body is experiencing in each moment.

Instead of trying to rationalise your experiences, or convince certain emotions and sensations to go away, my coaching supports you to feel and move with what’s present.  

As you honour this process you start to introduce an internal, somatic turning towards – rather than away from – what’s unfolding in your system. Space to listen, feel and move with what’s there. Space to tune into the wisdom and knowing of your body that’s guiding you towards greater clarity, courage and aligned action.  

I am here to centre your body, and the profound awareness that it holds. 

Sacred Rage

A potent 5-month group coaching programme that will support you to meet, embody and alchemise your rage into clarity and aligned action. Moving from resentment, agitation and collapsing in the face of your emotions, to experiencing clarity, courage and a renewed passion and purpose for life. This is powerful and revolutionary work for women who are ready to feel powerful and revolutionary!   

Rage Alchemy

A nervous system workshop that explores why you react the way you do when you’re enraged and how you can begin to create responses that serve you better. This workshop will help you understand your fiery emotions and support you to stand up for yourself, create stronger boundaries and take brave action from your heart. 

Sacred Circle

An in-person women’s circle created to share and explore experiences of midlife transitions and the tender, fiery, fluctuating emotions this brings. Sacred Circle is a space where you are seen, heard, held and witnessed by other women as you travel on your journey.

This IS THE JOURNEY for you if you are:

This is NOT THE JOURNEY for you if you are:

My promise to you as your coach:

I will walk with you as a partner and equal. I will NEVER tell you how you should be feeling or what you should be doing. Instead, I promise to support you to find the answers within yourself, trusting that you are the expert of you. I will honour your vulnerabilities whilst promising to shine the light of awareness when you want to go deeper.

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I understand that reaching out feels scary and that being vulnerable involves risk. I respect and honour this by offering you time to connect with me without any push or pressure. 

My complimentary Clarity Session offers 30 minutes for us to meet, find out more about each other and explore the ways we can work together.

If there’s a fit, that’s great. If not, that’s great too.

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Claiming midlife rage as a portal of power, potency and revolutionary change.

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