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Hi, I'm Sarah, a Feminine Embodiment Coach

As a Feminine Embodiment Coach my mission is to help midlife women make bold decisions so that they can thrive, feel alive and live as their most adventurous selves.

I will walk with you as you evolve from being stuck, numb and unfulfilled, to an audacious, adventurous, alive woman, who is committed to creating life on her terms.

As a woman in her mid-40s, I witness the ways in which you are pulled in different directions, how you put the needs of others before your own, and end up in situations; feeling things and tolerating things, you never intended to.

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About Me

Whether you’re stuck in your relationships, career, grief or sense of self, I’m here to help you rediscover your truth. To make bold decisions that enable you to step into a life where your needs and desires are put first.  A life that demands you pursue your pleasures, passions and power, and receive all the abundance and fulfilment you so truly deserve.

If you've been asking yourself, 'Is this all there is?' I'm here to help you claim your stake for what is truly possible. 

Sarah Booth
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My Coaching

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Queen Be

Personal One-to-One Coaching

Embark on an audacious adventure over 4 months that will move you from a place of feeling numb, stuck and unfulfilled, to creating life on your terms. A life that is saturated with your purpose, pleasure, sensuality, playfulness and power.

Includes one-to-one coaching, mentoring, on-line accountability, personalised guided meditations, and simple but potent feminine embodiment practises.

My Promise To You

I promise to walk with you as partner and equal. I never tell you how you should be feeling, or what you should be doing. Instead, I support you to find the answers within yourself, trusting that you are the expert of you. I vow to honour your vulnerabilities whilst shining the light of awareness during times of deeper exploration.

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I offer a free consultation call where you can find out more about me and my coaching style – Click the button below to book a call.


Women I Have Helped

Latest Blog Posts

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Your Midlife Calling

For the past two weeks I’ve been deep in perimenopause with various symptoms ramping up, and more time and discernment required to navigate external sources of information as well

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Let's Chat About Your Next Steps...

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I help midlife women make bold, body based decisions so they can move forward with confidence, clarity and ease.

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