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Championing women to embrace their rage as freely as they embrace their joy.

Midlife Awakening!

Midlife is a wild journey of internal reflection, reckoning and truth. A rite of passage that calls us to burn that which no longer serves us and move forward with a clear and courageous sense of who we are and what we’re here to do.

To unravel the conditioning and culture that’s shaped us and move beyond fear and shame to claim our truth.

Over years of coaching midlife women, I’ve time and again witnessed the deeply powerful teacher that rage can be when we know how to harness its energy and stand in its flames.

Sacred Rage

Historically, women’s rage has been suppressed, silenced and shamed. An emotion that we leave to fester in our bodies until we implode or explode from the energy it takes to hold it down.

I’m here to offer an alternative rage reality.

A reality where our hot fiery emotions are seen, felt, heard and honoured. Where they can be alchemised into heart-led action by burning down our masks and being radically honest about what we stand for and the changes we desire to make.

So, if you’re done with fear, sick of towing the line and fed up of collapsing in the face of your emotions, it’s time to meet your Sacred Rage.

A journey into the underbelly. A journey into your body. A journey that will illuminate the wisdom your rage holds so that you become a fully feeling woman who stands her ground, speaks her truth and moves forward with courage and clarity.

About Me

If you feel like a veil is lifting and you can no longer ignore what’s being demanded by your heart, I understand.

I landed as a Feminine Embodiment Coach through lived experience. Moving from numbness and people pleasing to living a bolder, braver, wiser life that is guided by my truth.

I do not promise happy endings or a life free from hurt. However, I do promise to share powerful ways of being. New perspectives from which to view your fiery emotions and potent tools that will keep you connected to your body and the wisdom it holds. This is revolutionary work!

If you've been asking yourself, "Is this all there is?" I'm here to help you claim your stake for what is truly possible. 

My Coaching

feminine embodiment coaching

Sacred Rage

Claim your truth. Speak your voice. Hold on to your heart.

Be held in community, safety and reverence as you meet, embody and alchemise your rage into truth and aligned action. Together we'll build the capacity and resilience to let rage take you where you need to go, and teach you what you need to know. My coaching weaves Feminine Embodiment and Nervous System coaching with Somatic Parts Work, to offer a trauma informed container where you'll learn to embrace your rage as freely as you embrace your joy.

My Promise To You

I promise to walk with you as a partner and equal.
I will never tell you how you should be feeling or what you should be doing.
Instead, I promise to support you to find the answers within yourself, trusting that you are the expert of you.
I will honour your vulnerabilities whilst shining the light of awareness during times of deeper exploration.

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I understand that reaching out feels scary and that being vulnerable involves risk. I respect and honour this by offering you time to connect with me without any push or pressure. 

My complimentary Clarity Session offers 30 minutes for us to meet, find out more about each other and explore the ways we can work together.

If there’s a fit, that’s great. If not, that’s great too.

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