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I'm staking a claim for 2023 to be the year of embodied living!

Embodied living starts when we stop looking out at billboards and IG squares for what someone else says we should be.

Stop numbing ourselves against what we feel.

Quit blaming ourselves for not keeping up with the ridiculous pace that’s somehow become normal…it’s so far from normal.  We’re simply not designed to live this way.

Instead we can make an intention to...

Slow down, slow down, and then slow down some more!

Turn down the volume on what’s around us and switch up the volume on what’s inside.

Attend to our pleasures and what brings us joy – without feeling guilty or selfish.

Fall into the wisdom of cyclical living, knowing when it’s time to bloom and when it’s time to contract. What needs our energy and what’s okay to let go of…sometimes for a while, sometimes forever.

Be aware and non-judgmental of our own thoughts, feelings and actions so that we can listen, assess and respond.  Not to follow others but to honour our own intuition, initiative and knowing.

Address old pain, shame and traumas.  To heal the split in our life force energy and witness it flow into more love, growth, expansion and freedom.

To experience life as a grand adventure.  A journey of creativity, playfulness, and moments of joy that we get to revel in along the way.

Awaken the gifts and opportunities in and around us, and be able to discern between what’s real, and what’s merely a distraction.

And finally, open our hearts to connection, the ache of humanity, unquantifiable magic, and the possibility that we can live, love and be together in radically different ways.  Ways that require us to move away from conventional thinking and find the courage to be defiant against patriarchal rules that were made 5000 years ago, to diminish the power in our bodies.

This is why I desire 2023 to be the year of the body, for all of us and this wondrous planet we inhabit.

How You Can Partner With Me

If you desire 2023 to be the year that you slow down, come home to your body and heed the whisper of your heart, drop me a message and let's chat about what that would feel like for you.
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