Feminine Embodiment Coaching and Limiting Beliefs

Listening to tension with Feminine Embodiment Coaching

I’ve been doing some Feminine Embodiment Coaching on myself so that I can meet deep tension in my body. 

Specifically tension, thoughts, beliefs and programming that have roots embedded in a voice that tells me to ‘push on’.  To ‘stay visible’, ‘produce more’ and ‘feel less.’ 

Underneath this voice is a big belief around worth. In particular, that I’m only worthy if I’m busy and focussed on tasks that are in service to others.    

When this belief begins to run the show,  I sense myself getting stuck in my masculine energy.  The energy of striving, controlling, and perfecting.

In turn, I neglect the magic that I teach.  The magic of feminine energy, which offers release, surrender, nurture and trust. 

What this tension feels like in my body

The signals in my body looked like aches and clenching, in particular in my shoulders, jaw, and hips.  

I noticed I was overriding my exhaustion, ignoring my achievements, and starting to get short tempered with my family.

It was this complex network of thoughts, emotions and sensations that told me I needed to slow the f*ck down.  

That my pace was starting to fry my nervous system, leaving me feeling unsafe and defaulting to unhelpful behaviours and ways of thinking.

So slow down I did!

A simple question I asked myself

I took a step back from proactive tasks in my business and enjoyed time off with zero emails or social media interaction.  

Tended to my body through juicy feminine embodiment practices and gentle jogs.  

Opened a breath-taking fiction book and enjoyed sex with my husband during the middle of the day!

Every time I felt tense or triggered, I would take a breath and ask my heart a simple but powerful question.

“Can I be absolutely sure this is true?”

Is it absolutely true that my business will dip if I step back for a while? No!

That I’ll be a lesser wife/mother if the bathroom stays grotty for another day? No!  

Have I been married too long to have day time sex? No, no, no! 

Connecting to your truth

We’re all so good at seeing what we want to see; and what we see is coloured by the lens that we’re conditioned to see through.  We perceive the world through the beliefs we hold and the social memes that are actively playing in our being.

When we begin to slow down and question these beliefs at an embodied level we can access the deeper truths beneath.

In my case, the deeper truth was a desire to appreciate and honour the cyclical nature of life. The feminine flow between go and stop, push and rest, contraction and expansion.

Once I made contact with this truth, I could lean into resting WITHOUT guilt, fear of being left behind, or seeing myself as lazy or weak. 

So today, my invitation is simple.  Whenever you sense your conditioning making the decisions, ask yourself.

“Can I be absolutely sure this is true?” and wait for the magic to unfold

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