How Can I Control My Anger?

How To Control Anger Issues

In the name of integrity I’m holding my hand up to say, anger is NOT something that needs to be ‘controlled’. Rather, it’s an emotion waiting to be acknowledged understood and alchemised into aligned action.

Stay with me as I explain!

Anger is a visceral emotion. A feeling that we experience through tense muscles and increased temperatures. Faster heart rate, churning stomachs, weak legs and other physical shifts.

Yet our default response to these experiences is to shut them down. Subsequently labelling them as dangerous and heading straight up to our minds to find ‘reasons’ and ‘remedies’.

Fire representing anger
Anger and Your Nervous System body is infinitely wise and has one primary objective – to keep you alive!

Through time, and lived experience, this survival instinct creates certain nervous system responses.  The primary objective of these responses being safety, connection and belonging.

For example…

You might have expressed loud, chaotic emotions as a child, which were subsequently shushed, shamed, or even slapped out of you. On experiencing this you’ll have quickly learnt to suppress such emotions and replace them with more ‘palatable’, socially acceptable ones. In essence learning how to people please or be a ‘good girl’.

These behaviours are known as nervous system imprints.

However, as you grow older, your nervous system matures, and these people pleasing behaviours leave you feeling out of integrity with how you truly wish to act. 

Enter stage right – EMBODIMENT!

Creating New Nervous System Imprints

Embodiment is a powerful way to work with anger because it offers a way of exploring your default nervous system behaviours.

Instead of shutting down your experience, or trying to reason with or rationalise it, it invites you slow down and somatically explore your anger. Instead of using your mind you invite movement and meditation so that you can begin to connect with what’s present.

As you honour this process you begin to introduce an internal turning towards – rather than away from – what’s unfolding in your system. You begin to create space to listen, feel and move with your emotions, sensations, and feelings. You begin to tune into deeper levels of consciousness that reveal the truth and wisdom beneath your anger.

It’s from this place of deeper understanding and connection that you can begin to create new behavioural responses. 

Responses that translate your anger into aligned decisions and action that comes from your heart. 

Find embodied support for your fiery emotions

If you are new to nervous system work but feel called to explore more, join me for my next Rage Alchemy Workshop where I will support you to:

❤️‍🔥Liberate the shame around your fiery emotions.

❤️‍🔥Understand your nervous system responses more deeply.

❤️‍🔥Listen to the wisdom in your anger.

❤️‍🔥Create strong boundaries from you heart.

Full details can be accessed right here!

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