How To Find Safety In Your Body

The Inevitability Of Change

How to find safety in your body feels like a timely question in a world full of chaos and unpredictability.

There’s no denying we’re in a turbulent mix of global heartache and major shifts at the individual level. A potent time of questioning, anger, anxiety, activation and potential collapse.

No matter how strong we are in our own boundaries and identity, when change happens around us, we can’t help feel the stir of change within us.

It makes us question our choices, safety, wellness, and perceptions of the world. It can be confusing, anxiety inducing, and very discombobulating.

How To Find Safety In Your Body

One of the ways that you can calm this turbulence is by coming home to your body and finding a sense of safety there.

To be in stillness, connect to your breath, turn your awareness inwards, and begin to scan your body for somewhere that feels good.

Good might mean somewhere that feels warm, soft, more open. It might be somewhere where you can sense aliveness, familiarity or comfort. It might simply be somewhere that feels neutral and unaffected by turbulence and confusion.

You might sense this goodness or neutrality in your feet or hands. You might find it in your elbow, across your shoulder blades or down your spine. It could be in the way your heels press against the ground. Where your hands make contact with your body, or where your sit bones soften into the support beneath you.

Once you’ve anchored in to this place, it might feel good to add a degree of gentle movement. Maybe slow rocking, hugging yourself, or stroking your hands, whilst maintaining your awareness on this safe part of your body.

The Benefits To You Moving Forward

The deeper you root into your body, the more you can self-sooth, tend to your own needs and reclaim that sense of knowing and connection. From this place of safety it’s more possible to pendulate outside to meet the difficulties, fear and changes that are moving in your world.

I include this practice (in different forms) at the beginning of every coaching session. Subsequently, every woman I partner with starts her explorations from a felt sense of safety and support.

When you can feel and experience safety in your body, it makes the journey into the more uncomfortable aspects of yourself seem possible and within reach.

If you try this simple practice, I’d love to know what comes up for you❤️   

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