From Midlife Crisis to Midlife Claiming

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The evolution of the midlife crisis

Recently I’ve been witnessing the very real truth that my body is changing.  A ‘midlife crisis’ in the way it looks, operates and holds me on a daily basis.  

Gone are the days of being able to push through or burn the candle at both ends.  Absent is the tight skin and firm body. 

At first I experienced an anguished resistance to this change.  How can I slow down or reverse this inevitable evolution, this crisis in identity?  How can I stay visible and relevant instead of  fading into the background?

I think we all experience this crisis to different degrees.  It’s the allure of the patriarchal, capitalist rhetoric that thrives on making women over a certain age feel like we’re not enough.  Furthermore, that we’re irrelevant and invisible.  

Then of course, we’re offered a plethora of solutions that promise to keep us looking younger, tighter, thinner, smoother, fitter so that we can look like women ‘should’. 

From midlife crisis to midlife claiming

It’s impossible to completely ignore the social, psychological soup that we swim in.  However, I’m authentically learning to stick two fingers up to it all.  Moreover, I desire to embody a RADICALLY different approach to claiming my midlife evolution and love the age I’m in!

This is why…

To age into our power we must unravel the anti-ageing rhetoric that tells us to hide our skin in shame.

Look past the epidermis and explore the wisdom that comes from a heart rich with lived experience. 

Allow ourselves to get down with the real wisdom of our bodies.  To see, feel, touch and experience them exactly as they are instead of masking and adapting them. 

Tenderly hold our softness, welcome our wrinkles and hear the stories they tell. 

Honour our need to slow down and let go of expectations that we should look, act or be any other way than what is right for us in this powerfully potent time of our lives.

The gifts for us

Unpicking ourselves from these expectations is an invitation to claim a different midlife reality.  A reality where we get to birth our own unique wisdom, gifts, and voice into the world.

This may be perceived by others, as being difficult, picky or demanding.  If that’s the case then I say we’re on the right track!  

Staying alive takes power and we have the battle scars to show for it! If we can make peace with our scars and embrace our inner landscape, then we can step into a more powerful skin with a competency and authority that refuses to be erased or belittled.

Subsequently we can claim a new reality that upholds our maturation as a process to be honoured and revered. No matter what it looks like. 

Partner with me

If you’re ready to explore the possibility and power of your mature feminine and desire to do this through embodiment and somatic exploration, you can dive in further right here and discover what it’s like to partner with me.

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