My Midlife Rage Awakening

Thank Goddess for Midlife Rage!

Woman expressing rage

Since reaching peri-menopause and the latter half of my 40’s I’ve been embroiled in a powerful MIDLIFE RAGE AWAKENING!

Undoubtedly it’s been an intense period. One where a veil has lifted and exposed the lies, harm, hypocrisy and patriarchal f*ckery that permeates our culture.

A time of reckoning where I could either let the veil drop back, or ground myself in readiness to burn it all down. 

Obviously, I decided to arm myself with matches!

The Treatment of Women's Midlife Rage

I invite you to cast your mind back and consider how your rage has been treated in the past. 

Labels like irrational and destructive. Witch, bitch, hysterical, over sensitive, out of control and hormonal might come to mind.

In addition your rage may have been ridiculed and belittled? Cunningly convincing you to sublimate your feelings for the comfort of others.

Instead of expressing your rage, perhaps you carry it around like toxic waste. Stuck in patterns of pleasing, passive aggression, bitterness, resentment and denial.

Rather than holding your heart, you may explode in volatile eruptions which leave you feeling shame and self-loathing.

I'm Here to Offer An Alternate Rage Reality

It should not be this way.

Instead you can advocate for a reality where your hot fiery emotions are seen, felt, heard and honoured. Where your rage can be alchemised into brave action. Action that honours who you are, what you stand for and the changes you desire to make. 

As a Feminine Embodiment Coach and Rage Alchemist I know how much wisdom, power and potential lives in your rage. I know how much gold can be spun from your fire. I know how much this gold is needed in a world where corruption and injustice are the current status quo.

How To Alchemise Midlife Rage Into Wisdom and Power

That’s why I’m here to hold you in safety as you explore your midlife rage and learn how to befriend it.

To support you to understand your fiery emotions as radical acts of love and justice. 

To help you build the capacity and resilience to let rage take you where you need to go and teach you what you need to know.

So, if your soul is raging, explore the ways you can work with me to meet your fullest potential.

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Claiming midlife rage as a portal of power, potency and revolutionary change.

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