Sacred Rage

A rage unravelling that will champion you to become a fully feeling woman who speaks her truth, stands her ground, and moves with courage and clarity.

Awakening to rage is a journey of internal reflection, reckoning and truth. A rite of passage that calls us to burn that which no longer serves us and move forward with a clear and courageous sense of who we are and what we’re here to do.

Historically, women’s rage has been suppressed, silenced and shamed. An emotion that we leave to fester in our bodies until we implode or explode from the energy it takes to hold it down.

I’m here to offer an alternative rage reality.

Sacred Rage is a potent 5 month coaching journey for women who are ready to:

Be held in safety and reverence as you meet, embody and alchemise your rage into truth and aligned action.

Build the capacity and resilience to let it take you where you need to go, and teach you what you need to know.

Via a potent blend of teaching, coaching and embodiment tools we will:

Healing In Community or 1-2-1

In Community

A group of no more than 8 women will meet via Zoom for 3 x 90 minute sessions (1 per week) followed by a week of rest for integration, reflection and homework.

Our online meets will offer a blend of in-depth group coaching, nervous system education, movement practices and group discussion.

Homework will include journal prompts, guided meditations and embodiment practices.


I understand that rage work requires a level of vulnerability that may ask for a more private holding. If your preference is to be supported in a tailored 1-2-1 capacity I have space for a small number of 1-2-1 clients.

Please contact me directly to discuss your needs in more depth and access my 1-2-1 investment information.

How we'll spend our time together

Journey into the historical, social and psychological conditioning of women’s rage and the power we’ve been denied.

Understand your default nervous system responses and how you can start to create more powerful responses from a place of increased safety and grounding in your body.

Your rage is a discharge of intensity that erupts from a place of wounding – a younger part of you whose been shamed, blamed and made to feel unloveable. This is a tender invitation to meet your rage child, unburden her and tend to her needs.

We’ll explore how rage doesn’t solely arise from your own direct life experience, but as an energy that’s been passed down to you through ancestral lineages. This is an opportunity to explore healing from an intergenerational lens.

Explore and embody the relationship between rage and boundaries. Know what boundaries really mean, what they feel like in your body and how you can create them from heart not hurt. From this place I support you to navigate internal and external conflict in a more easeful way. 

The Dark Feminine Archetype holds potent transformational data because her deepest desire is for you to claim who you are and what you came here to do. Her energy is capable of transforming your fire into life force energy that will reveal a more alive, courageous, authentic you.

On a journey from rage to forgiveness we begin to surface as the next iteration of self. One that has the safety, trust and courage to open to vulnerability, playfulness, pleasure and LOVE. This is an invitation to come back to love, embodying love and extending compassion to the humanity within ourselves and others.   

Alchemise, embody and celebrate the new relationship you’ve woven with your rage and claim its power for transformation in the personal and collective sphere. Understand how this new relationship can make more space for joy, calm, aliveness and connection.

Your investment in this programme is £1199.00.

You can choose to pay in either of the following ways:

1) Payment in full.

2) Spread the total cost over 2 months (see Payment Plan 1 below)

3) Spread the total cost over 4 months (see Payment Plan 2 below)

4) Spread the total cost over 5 months (see Payment Plan 3 below)

To join the programme please select your preferred payment option from the boxes below. On receipt of your first payment plan instalment (or payment in full) you’ll be officially in. A confirmation and welcome email will be sent directly to you.

Dates for your diary

Start Date: Thursday 28th March @ 19.30-21.00 (BST Time)

Further dates are as follows:

Thursday 4th April 

Thursday 11th April

Thursday 18th Integration Week (no Zoom)

Thursday 25th April

Thursday 2nd May

Thursday 9th May

Thursday 16th May Integration Week (no Zoom)

Thursday 23rd May

Thursday 30th May

Thursday 6th June

Thursday 13th June Integration Week (no Zoom)

Thursday 20th June

Thursday 27th June

Thursday 4th July

Thursday 11th July Integration Week (no Zoom)

Thursday 18th July 

Thursday 25th July

Thursday 1st August

Thursday 8th August Celebration Ceremony

Your Invitation To Chat

If you’re feeling curious, nervous, brimming with questions, or simply want to meet me before committing, you’re warmly welcome to book a free conversation with me.

I’d love to know more about you, share information about the journey, and figure out if Sacred Rage is the right fit for you, with absolutely no pressure or push. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Select a payment plan or payment in full from the options above OR book in for a free conversation so that we can chat, answer your questions and find out whether Sacred Rage is right for you.
On receipt of your first payment (or payment in full) a confirmation and welcome email will be sent.

All course content will be emailed directly to you prior to each session. This will include any relevant worksheets, homework, and zoom links. All documents will be sent in downloadable PDF formats.

Whilst live attendance and participation is highly recommended, I understand we all lead busy lives. Therefore, all Zoom sessions will be recorded and emailed to you within 48 hours.

The maximum number of people in Sacred Rage will be 8.

By the very nature of this course, there may be emotionally charged material being shared. Therefore, a completely trigger-free space cannot be guaranteed. However, I will be issuing community guidelines that everyone will be asked to agree, sign and comply with in order to minimise this as much as possible. I do not hold space for hate speech, white supremacy, racist behaviour or discrimination of any kind.

Certified Feminine Embodiment Coach with the School of Embodied Arts

Certified in Embodied Conflict Resolution with The Embody Lab

Certified in Integrative Somatic Parts Work with The Embody Lab

There is absolutely zero pressure for you to join my coaching container, and I expect all those who join to be committed, excited and present to the process for the duration of the period outlined above. Therefore, you are responsible for full payment of fees for the entire programme, regardless of whether you complete the programme or not. To further clarify, no refunds will be issued unless under extreme conditions out-with your control.

Meet your rage guide

Hi, I’m Sarah. Woman, lover, mother, creator, coach and rage alchemist.

My personal journey with rage began in the early stages of motherhood when years of suppressed emotions and ‘people pleasing’ combined with burnout to create volatile eruptions of rage, that were followed by deep feelings of shame and guilt. After a particularly heightened incident, I knew I needed to find help with the intensity of my emotions and my healing journey began in earnest.

Now (6 years later), I still rage about many things, but I’m no longer imprisoned by these emotions. Instead, I’ve developed the capacity to be with them, listen to what they want me to know, and take ownership of the things I can change. I live life with more curiosity, courage, aliveness, calm, and authentic connection. PLUS a deep passion for helping other women experience the awakening and freedom that rage alchemy brings.

My qualifications include an Internationally Accredited Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification, Integrative Somatic Parts Work Certification and an Embodied Conflict Resolution Certification. My wisdom and experience come from years of working with women who are ready to face their fiery emotions with courage, curiosity and a desire for a life that is expansive, alive, courageous and aligned with their truth.

My Qualifications

Certified Feminine Embodiment Coach with the School of Embodied Arts

Certified in Embodied Conflict Resolution with The Embody Lab

Certified in Integrative Somatic Parts Work with The Embody Lab

Claiming midlife rage as a portal of power, potency and revolutionary change.

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