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About Me

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Woman, lover, mother, creator, coach and rage alchemist.

My journey with rage began in childhood, although back then I couldn’t name it as such.

My childhood was ideal in many ways, and in others it wasn’t. This might feel familiar to you too?

However, my pervasive sense of it was never feeling ‘good’ enough.

In the eyes of authority figures around me, good meant being polite, doing well academically, doing what I was told, and not answering back or showing any big emotions. Big emotions were met with slaps, glares and shaming. So, I soon learnt how to smile, say the right things, and morph into the ‘good girl’.

My teens, 20’s and 30’s were dedicated to numbing. Food was my primary agent of choice and a welcome avoidance to feeling any uncomfortable emotions. When I wasn’t numbing, I played nice and focused on making myself more palatable.

Then children arrived…and when my eldest reached the age of three his very typical toddler behaviour started to trigger the sh*t out of me.

Whenever he pushed the boundaries ‘too far’, a red hot rage would surge through my body. I tried old tricks to stuff it down, but eventually it would erupt in verbal explosions of blaming and shaming. Turbulent emotions mixed with harmful words, which would frighten us both. In those moments I would lose myself, and then come out the other side wracked with guilt and intense self-loathing.

I couldn’t name it back then, but these eruptions were my rage child shouting, “I was never allowed to do that! What right do you have to be yourself?”

After a particularly heightened experience I knew I needed to get help, and my 6 year healing journey (which also forged my path to becoming an Embodiment Coach) began.

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“I stand for truth, vulnerability and imperfection. The courage to let go of the old, and embrace the new, using body-based wisdom that supports you to thrive and feel truly alive .”

Now as a midlife woman, I rage about many things, but I’m no longer held hostage by it. I’ve developed capacity to be with my rage, embody its flavours, listen to what it wants me to know, and take action for what I stand for.

This journey has forged a deep passion for helping other women experience the awakening and freedom that rage alchemy brings. To champion women as they discover that rage – when engaged with compassionately – can be their greatest teacher. A teacher that can help us all to be bolder, braver, wiser and feel more enlivened by the rich spectrum of life.

A life where we…

My qualifications include an Internationally Accredited Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification, Integrative Somatic Parts Work Certification and an Embodied Conflict Resolution Certification. My wisdom and experience come from years of working with women who are ready to face their fiery emotions with courage, curiosity and a desire for a life that is expansive, alive, courageous and aligned with their truth.

I live in the UK with my partner and two boys
I am happiest in the mountains
I am an intersectional feminist who is constantly listening to and learning from the world
I thrive on human connection, the natural world, belly aching humour and homemade cake!
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"(Rage) contains the potential for profound discovery, for a deepened knowledge of self. Recognised, it can be transformed, and once transformed it can be harnessed. It shows that we're still alive, still breathing, still caring, still invested in the world."

Sharon Blackie, Hagitude

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Claiming midlife rage as a portal of power, potency and revolutionary change.

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